There are many people within my extended database who have come under the notice of the law. Some in a small way, some not. Some closely related, some not. There are, of course, 2 ends to a brush. Not everyone was on the bristle end.

I dedicate these pages to those of us who appreciate the colour of a personal story, and, more importantly, to those who braved the wrath of the establishment so that we genealogists can enrich our knowledge of the past. ;-)

Not all were transported.

When I read the stories of the transportees, I can see that in some cases it was a way of 'working their ticket'. My family paid £20 to get to Australia, because we could. For some, who could not, crimes committed in UK were the equivalent of forking out the £10 for a ticket to a better life.

Boat people all. Where there is a yen to relocate, resourceful people will find a way.